Guy bickel - Producer-Designer-Sound Engineer
Official Roadie SWAG
The Original Love Song
Pi Corp: Musik-Spontano-Electrik

Hi everyone, welcome to My home page is now a link to my projects, sites, and examples of my work. I created, produced, and programmed every bit of content within these sites, including the web sites themselves. There's quite a variance, so here's a quick description. guybickel contains examples of all my my graphics, 3D, and interactive content with lots of little video and audio clips... some quite rare, some just plain fun. Backstage Fleamarket is my personal collection of rock n roll goodies collected on concert tours from 1976-1998... now for sale. The Original Love Song is a first ever, intimate interpretation of The Song of Solomon with music by
Alan Howarth. And Pi Corp is a collection of CDs, LPs, and even a DVD featuring the music by a very obscure studio band from 70s Cleveland. Please enjoy your adventure.